Summary of the Origins of the Teune Family.

Here is a summary of the origins pages in this section of the website.

1. There is good documentation for the Teune family going back to 1661. The family name is mentioned as far back as 1480. This documentation research was done by Herma Teune who is from the Netherlands. I have also been able to confirm that this is the same Teune family as the one in America by tracing documentation back to my great great grandfather.

2. The Teune family is originally from Switzerland. The German spelling was Thöne. This was changed to Teune when our first ancestor moved to the Netherlands in 1711. Teune in Dutch is the same pronunciation as Thöne in German. A Thöne genealogy contact and distant relative in Switzerland determined that the Thöne family came from the Walser people, a group of ancient Germanic high alpine farmers whos origins go back to about 700-800 A.D. The Walser people in turn had originated from the Allemannen or Allemanni tribe which is first mentioned having fought against the Roman Empire in 213 A.D.

3. The original ancestor who moved from Switzerland was Hans Thöne(n). He married an Annabaptist or Mennonite and had to leave the country because there was widespread, systematic and brutal persecution by the Zwinglian Reformed Church at the time. They traveled by boat from Bern down the Arre River and then the Rhine (Rhein) River to the Netherlands where they settled in Kampen, Overissel. The ship manifest can be seen in the message board. Later some of the Teunes moved to Groningen becaue many of the dislocated Annabaptists had settled there.

4. The common ancestor for all American Teunes as far as I know was Daniel Peters Teune (1805-1861).

He married GERRITJE JANS (GRIETJE JANS) SCHOEP and they had 6 children:
Pieter, Catherina, Swaantje, Jan, Ite and Johannes
Jan's son Hendrick emmigrated to America in 1905 where one branch of the Teune family came from.
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Another son, Johannes sent two of his sons Ite (Edward) and Jan (John) to America in 1910, then moved the whole family here in 1911. Johannes had nine children and most of the American Teunes come from this branch.
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