The Taufer emigration -- Swiss Thöne to Dutch Teune

The Thöne family was established in Reutigen and then in Frutigen where there still are many Thöne/Thönen. The records in these towns include quite a few Thöne going back to about 1480. Unfortunately, the local archive burned down so earlier records could not be obtained. Herma Teune through her genealogy contact in Bern, Erich Thönen were able to uncover several branches of the Dönen, Thönen, Thöne family in Frutigen and Reutigen. And Erich was also able to establish that these families were of Walser origin.

So, the Thönen/Thöne family can be followed with some gaps from 1480 until we have a Hans Thönen born in 1661 whom we know for sure emigrated to the Netherlands and can clearly trace the lineage of until the present day.