10 Generations from Switzerland to the USA

Here is a list of ancestors that lead to my current branch of the Teune clan.
They are listed in order of direct male descendents (sorry ladies), each man listed is the son of one above him.
This is just the straight line of 10 generations up to and including my son, James. I will be adding more branches as time permits.
Place names listed are towns in Groningen province, the Netherlands unless otherwise indicated.
Alternate spellings of names are given in (parentheses).
Hans Thönen 1661-1717

Hans THÍNEN (TEUNEN) (DÍNEN) son of Abraham and Elsbeth Thonen was born in Reutigen, Switzerland in 1661 and died in 1717 in Kampen, Overijssel, Netherlands.
He married Cathrina Rychen in Frutigen, Switzerland in 1684.
Cathrina was the daughter of Peter Petersen Rychen and Catrina Willen. She was born in Frutigen 1663 and died in Kampen, Overijssel in 1748. .
Peter Teune 1691-1744

PETER TEUNE was born in Frutigen, Switzerland in 1691 and died in Kampen, Overijssel in 1744
She was born in Bern Kanton, Switzerland in 1703, daughter of Hans Gasser and Barbara (Barber) Kuntschi(Kuntsi) (Gunzij) and died in Kampen, Overijssel 1788.
Daniël Petersen Teune 1732-1795

DANI╦L PETERSEN (PIETERS) TEUNE (THEUNE) was born in Haatland sometime between 1732 and 1744 and died in Kampen, Overijssel in 1795
She was born in Kampen in 1753 the daughter of DaniŰl Martens Richen and Annigje Christiaans Stutsman (Stotsman) and died in Kampen, Overijssel in 1826.
Peter Daniëls Teune 1777-1857

PIETER DANI╦LS TEUNE, THEUNE was born in Kampen in 1777 and died in Groningen in 1857 He married TRIJNTJE JACOBS POELMAN in Hoogkerk in 1803. She was born in 1767 and died in Leegkerk in 1816.
Daniël Pieters Teune 1805-1861
Signature of Daniël Pieters Teune in the Hoogkerk civil registry of the birth of his son, Johannes (1857).

DANI╦L PIETERS TEUNE was born in Leegkerk in 1805 and died in Oostwold in 1861
He married GERRITJE JANS (GRIETJE JANS) SCHOEP in 1834. She was born in Boxtel in 1814 and died in Zuidhorn in 1869.
Her parents wer Jans Schoep and Theunisje Luttikhuizen.
Johannes Teune 1857-1927

JOHANNES TEUNE was born in Hoogkerk 10/29/1857 and died in Chicago,USA in 1927
He married GRIETJE (GRACE) LANENGA (LANINGA) in Bedum 12/19/1885
Grace was born in Bedum 10/29/1865 and died in Chicago in 1947. She was the daughter of Pieter Lanenga (Laninga) and Tetje TenBoer.
Johannes sent two of his sons, John and Edward to America to get the lay of the land and set things up for the family in 1910. Then in 1911 the entire family moved to Chicago.
Edward Teune 1892-1968

EDWARD TEUNE was born in Bedum in 3/27/1892 and died in Hamilton, MI, USA in 1968.
Garret Teune 1926-2003

GARRET TEUNE was born in Chicago in 1926. He married Rose Alice Helmus.
They had 5 children. Janet, Helen, Gary, Kathy and Edward.
Rose passed away in 1988. Garret remarried in 1995 to Rita Labedz
Unfortunately, Garret passed away in July, 2003 one week after his second successful open heart bypass surgery.
He was dearly loved and will be dearly missed by all who knew him. God bless his soul.
Edward James Teune 1962-Present

EDWARD JAMES TEUNE was born in Oak Park, IL, USA in 1962. He married RATANA LOHJINDA in Lopburi, Thailand in 1993. Ratana was born in 1964 in Lopburi, the daughter of Yuan and Paiwin Lohjinda. Yuan's father emmigrated from China and his mother was from the Mon ethnic group of western Thailand and eastern Burma. Paiwin's parents were both from Lopburi.
James Edward Teune 2002-Present

JAMES EDWARD TEUNE was born in the USA in 2002