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Janet Haan04/20/08 at 20:07I remember this one as having a large open beach. ...
Gary J. Sr.03/02/08 at 19:42Wasn't this the place that had HUGE boulders to he...
Janet Haan12/17/07 at 21:09You think so? That's a compliment! I think she is ...
Helen VanEssendelft12/17/07 at 19:48Isn't that a little Janet face??
SouthAmerica 007 (Small).jpg
Ed Teune12/10/07 at 08:04cool trip! and cool pics!
Janet Haan10/26/07 at 20:47My guess is Wally's age is about 3. She was 5 year...
Helen VanEssendelft10/21/07 at 20:30Anyone have a clue what the year might be?
Mal2 (Small)~1.jpg
Helen VanEssendelft08/15/07 at 19:39That is so funny - but actually he is a really nic...
Janet Haan08/15/07 at 08:50Watch the mail.....
Helen VanEssendelft08/14/07 at 17:22I believe that is sweet little Johnny??
Mal2 (Small)~1.jpg
Ed Teune08/13/07 at 13:21yeah, man, I got your music right here! badges? I...
DLandman in Sea Lady (Small).jpg
Janet Haan07/31/07 at 07:297/31/07 Even w/o the shades, I wouldn't have recog...
DLandman in the cockpit (Small).jpg
Janet Haan07/31/07 at 07:2807/31/07 Are you sure this isn't a stand-in? I wou...
Janet Haan07/28/07 at 18:01Art in the front seat, John in the second seat. I'...
Janet Haan07/28/07 at 17:40Yep. Uncle Jake.
Janet Haan07/15/07 at 13:34Kathy, re: the inward looking eye of yours. This s...
Fremont13 (Small).jpg
Janet Haan07/12/07 at 19:53I believe this is also Dunn Inn inbetween the 2nd ...
Fremont12 (Small)~0.jpg
Janet Haan07/12/07 at 05:53Dunn Inn big cottage
Fremont11 (Small)~0.jpg
Janet Haan07/12/07 at 05:52Dunn Inn big cottage eating area with wallpaper th...
Fremont9 (Small)~1.jpg
Janet Haan07/12/07 at 05:50Again, the big cottage at Dunn Inn was the only on...
Fremont13 (Small)~0.jpg
Janet Haan07/12/07 at 05:47This sure looks like the big cottage at Dunn Inn t...
Helmus10 (Small).jpg
Helen VanEssendelft06/02/07 at 19:47I think earlier, Ed. I graduated from HS in 1971 a...
Gary J. Sr.05/28/07 at 17:11Dad, Is that good with Ketchup?
Janet Haan04/17/07 at 21:50This is so cool!
Helmus1 (Small)~5.jpg
Janet Haan03/31/07 at 06:07lol Maybe she washed up on the beach and they are...
Helmus1 (Small)~5.jpg
Ed Teune03/20/07 at 13:13who's the little topless mulatto girl on the left?...
Helmus10 (Small).jpg
Ed Teune03/20/07 at 13:07when was this taken? maybe '72, '74?
Janet Haan03/18/07 at 16:32Can anyone read the house number here? Uncle John ...
Gar3 (Small)~2.jpg
Janet Haan03/18/07 at 15:22This is a nice picture of your cute "celtic&q...
GarFam8 (Small)~0.jpg
Helen VanEssendelft12/29/06 at 21:23It sure is, Herma. Home stadium of the Chicago Cub...
GarFam8 (Small)~0.jpg
Herma Teune12/29/06 at 06:13Hé .. that's the baseballstadion isn't it?
Gary J. Sr.12/23/06 at 19:09NIce wallpaper/contact paper on the fridge.
Gary J. Sr.11/30/06 at 19:13Kathy and I. Any date on this photo?
Everglades Jan. 1969.jpg
Janet Haan11/27/06 at 22:00Yeah, freaky little kid......
1421 S. Highland Ave, Berwyn, before house was built..jpg
Gary J. Sr.11/27/06 at 13:33The empty lot where 1421 S. Highland was going to ...
Janet Haan11/05/06 at 14:07Can't enlarge them
s   slide dated May 1968.jpg
Janet Haan11/05/06 at 04:32But for the pole on the left, my first guess would...
Dad and Sooty.   Fremont  1969.jpg
Janet Haan10/25/06 at 22:47Outside area of the "big" cottage that w...
Clyde, Myself, Dave.   Fremont, 1969.jpg
Janet Haan10/19/06 at 19:15The ORIGINAL beach at Dunn Inn, including part of ...
Backyard Picnic   Dated  Aug. 1968.jpg
Janet Haan10/13/06 at 20:41A few of the Helmus relatives
Janet Haan10/13/06 at 20:31This was the "walkin days" of Western Su...
Pile on Dad   undated slide.jpg
Janet Haan10/13/06 at 20:16This is the same little girl, who no one knew, in ...
Gary J. Sr.10/11/06 at 19:13Mom and Dad undated slide
Gary J. Sr.10/11/06 at 19:11Ken Huizinga undated slide
Gary J. Sr.10/11/06 at 19:10Climbing undated slide
Gary J. Sr.10/11/06 at 19:08Winter 1969
Gary J. Sr.10/11/06 at 19:08Winter 1969
Gary J. Sr.10/11/06 at 19:06Kathy and Dad napping undated slide
Gary J. Sr.10/11/06 at 19:05Ed, Dad, and Kathy, balancing act. slide dated O...
GarFam5 (Small)~0.jpg
Ed Teune09/26/06 at 14:08and Helen getting ready to Partay! as soon as the ...
Janet Haan09/25/06 at 21:42I just can't belieeeeve it! She's wearing my sweat...
Helen VanEssendelft09/24/06 at 17:31Yes Sir. High School Graduation Photo - 1971 - ho...
Doll line-up (Small).jpg
Gary J. Sr.09/18/06 at 17:23If you look closer, I'm reading the Funny Pages. ...
GarFam5 (Small)~0.jpg
Gary J. Sr.09/18/06 at 17:19Excuse me... you didn't name the "lump"...
Gary J. Sr.09/13/06 at 14:49On the far left must be Dave Kleyweg, next to him,...
GarFam10 (Small)~2.jpg
Gary J. Sr.09/13/06 at 13:52Seeing how I must claim those "chubby cheeks&...
GarFam13 (Small)~1.jpg
Helen VanEssendelft08/31/06 at 20:11I'm not sure but the only reason I can recognize a...
Tim2 (Small).jpg
Helen VanEssendelft08/31/06 at 20:07Wow! And I remember you too, Sam - how about that ...
Tim2 (Small).jpg
Sam Hamstra08/29/06 at 05:59I've been trying to forget my drum-major days, but...
Janet Haan08/24/06 at 19:36Well, then. No responses? I'll just figure that y'...
GarFam13 (Small)~1.jpg
Jan08/23/06 at 18:51Are those birds on the shelf above the books the s...
GarFam12 (Small)~1.jpg
Jan08/23/06 at 18:49I know.... Miss Scarlet in the living room with th...
GarFam10 (Small)~2.jpg
Jan08/23/06 at 18:46Mumps or an ad for bacon?
Jan08/20/06 at 07:53I know, but now Kathy knows. This pic, coupled wit...
Ed Teune08/20/06 at 05:10Actually, I just didn't read the description :oop...
Janet Haan08/19/06 at 21:55I think all your Q's are answered in the descripti...
Helen VanEssendelft08/19/06 at 20:57Can't get much cuter than that
Kathy08/18/06 at 20:06I think what Ed means is yes, she's cute, yes she'...
Fremont13 (Small).jpg
Clyde08/18/06 at 07:33The baby is Kari Scholten, our little sister
Car20 (Small).jpg
Ed Teune07/18/06 at 07:16Dad's first car
Jan07/16/06 at 08:35Cool.
Helen VanEssendelft07/15/06 at 16:49I remember it very well, Jan, and very fondly
Jan07/14/06 at 21:03Am I the only one who remembers this place??
Anon07/08/06 at 01:33stillinhg tmple
Helen VanEssendelft06/25/06 at 18:00Thanks, Karen!
Karen Price06/25/06 at 15:00First on left in Row 1 looks like Wayne Veldman
Janet Haan06/04/06 at 20:37AAACK!! these turned out way too small!! I'll try ...
Jan06/04/06 at 20:01Well, I think in the description it says that she ...
Jan06/04/06 at 19:52Yeah, it's a cool pic: one of four that were email...
Ed Teune06/02/06 at 14:45ok, who's the cutie?
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